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The Schnaebeli Annulus spread out before the ship, vast and destructive. For the crew, it meant certain death. The dust of the Annulus would slice through the ship like a butcher’s knife.

They have less than four hours to get out the way. But they’ve lost maneuvering power, half their number are dead, their systems are crippled, and they’re almost out of air.

And sitting alongside them is an ancient space shuttle containing the most ferocious weapon mankind has ever devised.

Seven men, cast adrift in space. They’re angry, desperate, physically deformed – hairless, macrocephalic, crippled, lacking tear ducts, massively altered internally – and unable to make sensible decisions.

Residuum deals with how these men struggle to survive against two unbeatable adversaries: the inflexible laws of physics, and their own shame.

116,000 words : 398 pages

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