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Poems Found In The Wreckage Of A Multi-Generational Spaceship

Poems Found

To date, the 116 poems in this collection are all that remains of the actions, thoughts, and emotions of the inhabitants of the spaceship Ixios (14-06-UU-IX), a colonist vessel that left Earth in October 2121 CE. As time passes, it seems unlikely that other debris will be recovered, and the radio plume is maddeningly silent. We must therefore assume that, along with the physical wreckage itself, this will remain our sole source of information regarding the fate of that ship.

The poems were found in a single notebook of some 203 extant leaves, rolled and sealed in a cylindrical metal canister that was stamped flat by the explosion, expelling whatever atmosphere it might have contained, but quickly sealed by heat and not subsequently breached during its more than 300 years of drift.

The collection, we think, is complete. The poems are in numerous hands, and represent generations of poets or transcribers. They are presented in the order in which they appear in the notebook, and where the words are ambiguous due to faded inks or unsteady writing, with our best current guess as to the intended final draft.

Poems Found In The Wreckage Of A Multi-Generational Spaceship documents the launch, flight and mysterious destruction of a spaceship heading for a planet orbiting Regulus-A entirely through the poetry written by sixteen generations of its inhabitants.

Through these poems, we learn not only of the mundane facts of multi-generational flight, the onboard intrigues and the factionalism that will tear the vessel apart psychologically, but of the infiltration of something beyond that, little by little, takes over the ship.

21,000 words : 210 pages

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