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This page lists some of the non-fiction written by Robert Maas but published under different names.


Fantastic Trips by Scott Meze

This book is a study of how psychedelic drugs created god, pop, and just about everything! In particular, it traces how young people took hallucinogens to make music and dance to the results from the beginning of the 20th century onwards.

228,000 words : 782 pages

Amazon search code: B01N3355GP
Buy at Amazon US : $9.99 (free on Kindle unlimited)
Buy at Amazon UK : £7.99 (free on Kindle unlimited)

Amazon search code: 1520364997
Buy at Amazon US : $22.99
Buy at Amazon UK : £18.99

Trippersonics by Scott Meze

Psychedelia isn’t what you think it is. This large-format book details the 125 tracks and albums every experienced tripper must have in their collection, graphically mapping every turn in the music so you know exactly what to expect.

140,000 words : 242 pages

Amazon search code: 1522075054
Buy at Amazon US : $12.99
Buy at Amazon UK : £9.99

Naive Art by Scott Meze

This large-format book explores the psychedelic music of Pink Floyd (from 1965 to 1983) in unprecedented detail. It covers every official release, all the studio outtakes, film and TV footage, and every circulating live show from UFO to Knebworth.

370,000 words : 520 pages

Amazon search code: 1976940796
Buy at Amazon US : $23.99
Buy at Amazon UK : £17.99

Progress 1968 by Scott Meze

Rock’s golden age happened to correspond with the golden age of vinyl. The first of a series that explores this music year by year, this book documents the albums you should hear and own from 1968, the year everything changed.

75,000 words : 160 pages

Amazon search code: 1980632855
Buy at Amazon US : $9.99
Buy at Amazon UK : £7.99