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Grand Funk Central

Grand Funk Central-S

The alien structures arrived without warning, enclosing many of the world’s cities under impenetrable seashell-like canopies. The rush, as it was known, killed millions and rendered millions more incurably insane.

Inside the canopies, the survivors faced a new world of intense psychological disturbances, where time was slowed down, where madness lingered constantly at the back of the mind, and where the streets were filled with nightmare visions. They subsisted on parachute drops of food, medicines, and consciousness-deadening drugs. Anyone who tried to enter or leave one of the canopies died instantly.

Nobody knew what the rush was for. But when new lights were seen in space, and a massive vessel began to decelerate toward Earth, it became clear that the canopies were fishing nets—and the fisherfolk were in the sky.

Michael Lourekas was just seventeen when the structures appeared, though his mind was much older thanks to an accident with the experimental drug HS1511, which accelerates the human mind to five times its normal speed. This made Michael uniquely qualified to enter the Manhattan Bubble and attempt a rescue in the last hours before the aliens arrived.

But Michael knew nothing of the world. He was just a kid. He’d never even seen a naked woman before. And now he was dropped into a place where anything was possible, where every sexual and violent fantasy could be indulged—if you could handle the trip.

Grand Funk Central is terrifying thriller about a world in which all morality is suspended, all desire can be sated, and all your darkest nightmares are made real.

136,000 words : 444 pages

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