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Cheer Up Sleepy Gene

Cheer Up Sleepy Gene-S

Paul Dallin is the perfect candidate for a revolutionary new treatment in male infertility. He’s young, fit, confident, and no stranger to physical discomfort. His problem is asthenozoospermia. His sperm mature correctly, but by the time it comes to their big moment, they’re immobile. Dead in the tubes. Going nowhere.

Having been batted fruitlessly around the usual porn-and-bucket andrology centers in Pittsburgh, Paul ends up in the office of Dr. Sheahan Palmer in Helmer Biological. Palmer believes he has the answer: a surgical reprogramming of the testes themselves, teaching them to build sperm with stronger acrosomes that will protect them long enough to complete their momentous journey. Unlike IVF treatment, Paul’s wife Wendy will be able to experience a natural conception, just as nature intended.

But Palmer’s marriage is crumbling, Helmer Biological is a hotbed of sexual intrigue, and Paul has secrets. If this is nature, it’s about to bite back.

Cheer Up Sleepy Gene is a disturbing medical thriller about love, sex, and the continuance of life, no matter what.

25,000 words : 110 pages

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