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The Smart Core Manifesto

In this non-fiction book I argue for a new definition of plausible science fiction freed from its traditional subservience to time travel, psychic powers, and superheroes. A science fiction that better reflects the world we live in. A science fiction that unshackles the human imagination without dulling its intelligence.

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An 18-episode TV drama series in six installments. It is the future, and the Earth is dying. Larm, a boy of the village under the ruins of Kure, dreams of escaping into a paradise somewhere beyond the walls of heaven. But the world is bigger than he could possibly imagine, and full of monsters.

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Poems Found-S

Poems Found In The Wreckage Of A Multi-Generational Spaceship

To date, the 116 poems in this collection are all that remains of the actions, thoughts, and emotions of the inhabitants of the spaceship Ixios, a colonist vessel that left Earth in October 2121. The poems are in numerous hands, and represent generations of poets or transcribers.

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Grand Funk Central-S

Grand Funk Central

Michael Lourekas was just seventeen when the alien structures appeared, enclosing many of the world’s cities under impenetrable canopies. But he was uniquely qualified to enter the Manhattan Bubble, a place where every sexual and violent fantasy could be indulged — if you could handle the trip.

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Slow Wilhlem Exit-S

Slow Wilhelm Exit

Nick Haynes, a struggling provincial artist buried in the scrabble of the London underground scene, meets the infamous Lutz Kürz, who performs public autopsies live on TV. But the outrage is getting old, Kürz now has his eyes on bigger things – and Nick might be desperate enough to agree.

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Cheer Up Sleepy Gene-S

Cheer Up Sleepy Gene

Paul Dallin is the perfect candidate for Dr. Sheahan Palmer’s revolutionary new ‘conception as nature intended’ treatment for male infertility. But Palmer’s marriage is crumbling, Helmer Biological is a hotbed of sexual intrigue, and Paul has secrets. If this is nature, it’s about to bite back.

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Born From Ash-S

Born From Ash

From warped science to the decaying edge of the galaxy, from alien abduction to the monster inside, from zombie holocaust survivors to sexed-up girls on their big night out on the town, here are 18 stories designed to amuse, horrify and anger you.

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Tessellation Row-S

Tessellation Row

Physicist Richard Marsh, discoverer of an entirely new type of subatomic particle, has been posted to the International Space Station to investigate the ramifications of his breakthrough. But no matter where he runs, his mistakes follow him – and only some of them are flesh and blood.

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A Thousand Years Of Nanking-S

A Thousand Years Of Nanking

The security crew found her. She’d triggered a gantry trap and been dropped in a waste cistern. They should have shot her there and then, but two things made them to decide to haul her in alive. Firstly, she was in the early stages of labor. And secondly, the thing she was screaming was my name.

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Ruth Shannon knows all about inner demons. After putting her daughter in a coma, she’s been searching for 12 years for a way to gain absolution. Now the military is offering her the chance to join a mission to an alien habitat on Venus. But the biome has inner demons of its own.

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The Schnaebeli Annulus spread out before the ship. The crew have less than four hours to get out the way. But they’ve lost power, half their number are dead, their systems are crippled, and they’re almost out of air. And sitting alongside them is the most ferocious weapon mankind has ever devised.

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