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The blog of smart core writer Robert Maas

Who I am

I am the author of thriller and smart core novels, novellas, short stories and poetry. Each book I have released is standalone except Hemisphere, an 18-episode TV drama series in novel form, which is so big it had to be split into six installments.

In these works, ordinary people are faced with extraordinary challenges and terrifying odds. They are not heroes. They don’t have superpowers to save them or magic to aid them. They fight, and sometimes they fail.

Where to start

Try Biome, which I wrote to be a big, immersive, classic-style adventure story — the type of hefty, satisfying read you used to be able to pick up in airports, but can’t anymore because it doesn’t involve vampires.

If a 250,000 word thriller is too much for you, Tessellation Row, at a tenth the length (and just 99 cents!), is a good way for us to get to know each other.


I was born in England. From Wells and Wyndham to Ballard and beyond, I have reveled in the multitude of ways in which my home has been destroyed by vengeful nature and marauding and discriminating aliens. I now live in Tokyo, enabling me to experience the destruction of my home in many new and inventive ways.

My background is as a technology ghost writer, producing articles and speeches for the pharmaceutical and IT industries — or, as I think of it, providing self-styled visionaries with excited mouth noises.

The people I most admire include Carl Sagan, Richard Dawkins, Harlan Ellison, and Frank Zappa. My favorite novels are Greg Bear’s Blood Music and Christopher Priest’s Inverted World. My favorite album is Puzzle by Mandrake Memorial. Let’s date.

I drink too much shochu, screech tunelessly in karaoke booths, and shove other people in subway trains. I don’t own a cat, but if I did it would have a tail.

To contact me, please see the Get in touch page.