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I was fourteen when I threw my first book across the room. It was Angela Carter’s post-apocalyptic parable Heroes And Villains, the story of how a girl called Marianne learns to become stronger than everyone else around her, from the scientists to the savages.

Carter made me care. More than that, she made me fall in love with Marianne. And then she subjected her to an offhand cruelty that made me a third thing: furious. I dashed the book into the wall in disgust.

A little while later, I picked it up and read it on to the end.

In everything I write, I aim to provoke as powerful a reaction: as strong a sense of connection in as inviolate a reality. Of course, this could be dangerous if you’re reading my book on your smartphone! So there’s always a paperback version. And it hasn’t done its job until it sits on your shelf with a broken spine just like my beloved copy of Heroes And Villains.