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Let’s loop again

The first recording device I owned was a Philips reel-to-reel tape deck my mother had bought around the time I was born. It had a microphone on a lead so I could record myself tootling worthlessly on the descant recorder. I used it to make loops. Read more…


The uncertain art of prediction

If you want to know the future…well, don’t ask a science fiction writer. Actually, nobody does. They go ask Stephen Hawking, who gravely informs them that we should be careful or artificial intelligence might rise against us. Steady on, Steve. Read more…

Significant days: is human exceptionalism a myth?

I hate to get all solipsistic here, but the universe revolves around me. At least from my perspective it does. Just as it revolves around you from your perspective. We’re not just human-centric. We’re me-centric. We’re one person flat earth societies. Read more…

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